How-to Paint an Accent Wall


Here’s another fun project I recently finished.  My downstairs bathroom desperately needed a major makeover and I love the end results.  The main focus on this bathroom makeover is obviously the accent wall. Just like my last project, it was definitely time consuming but easy to do and good on total costs.  

 Here is a step-by-step on an easy DIY accent wall.

Things you’ll need:

Painters tape (I used 1” 3M safe release) but you can adjust on size to your taste. Find it here:

Paint  (I used Valspar signature semi-gloss) Color: Volcanic Ash.

Small paint brush for the corners (I used an 1’ ½ brush)

Mini paint roller kit. Find it here:

You can find all your painting tools here:

First, I started out with a blank slate. Cleaned the walls, covered any holes, I applied texture to the walls and buffed it all down (No need to do all this if you don’t have textured walls, but I did since mine are). I then applied the white base and once dry, I taped off the walls and sections that I was going to apply my darker grey and make my accent walls.

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